Expand Secured Lending Portfolio

AbleCredit's AI is revolutionizing secured lending by automating collateral assessment, enhancing risk mitigation, providing personalized loan offers, improving fraud detection, and thus enabling portfolio management.

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Safe, Robust AI

We offer a variety of interesting features that you can help increase your productivity at work and manage your project easily

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Compliant with your Data Policy

Set up your own Data Storage policy and auto-delete everything

Manual Override When Needed

Credit Team can override AbleAI's decisions whenever needed.

On Premise, On Network

Able can be set up on your network or within your premise

Increase ROI

Conduct automated in-depth assessment of each borrower, while saving previous time of the Credit Officers.

Study Valuation Report

Summarise key parts of the Valuation Report in one click.

Add Technical Reports

Discover all relevant information from technical reports without reading through it.

Prevent Fraud

Analyze collateral documents very deeply to asses the chances of fradulent applications

Discover Anomalies

Have the AI discover hard-to-find issues that take tremendous amount of time for humans.

Prevent Defaults

Take corrective actions when you are still in control and prevent defaults.

Optimise Portfolio

Continuously monitor market conditions and adjust the portfolio accordingly to maintain the desired balance between high-risk and low-risk loans

Dynamic Fund Allocation

Review deviations, and ROI to re-assess fund allocation and maintain a healthy portfolio.

Market Correlations

Get the AI to assess market conditions and optimise portfolio accordingly.

Features Designed to Give You the AI EDGE

List of Features

Conduct Cashflow Analysis

Go beyond Credit Scores. Discover worthy borrowers.

Cashflow Analysis

Discover Quality of Revenue

Uncover true business potential by studying counterparties.

Top Counterparties

Automate Personal Discussions

Assist your credit team to get deep into the lives of borrowers.

AI Driven PD

Personalise Loan Terms

Ensure that customers get loan terms that suite them.

Personalise Terms

Analyse Collateral Documents

Make secured lending faster and more robust.

Manage Collateral Risk

Study Industry & Market Trends

Benchmark each loan case against the right industry data.

Industry Benchmarks

Automate Rules and Deviations

Get the AI to run your busines rule engine, and generate deviations.

Credit Automation

Tailored for diverse applications.

Fast, Safe Underwriting

Get AI to conduct deep analysis on each loan case - to the extent which is impossible for humans due to the time constraints.

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Ensure Lead Quality

Get AI to study the loan application, generate deep insights, and create a strong case before passing the lead onto the Credit Team.

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Portfolio Insights

Optimise funds, assess markets and achieve the right balance between high return loans and low risk loans.

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Revolutionize Your Credit Organization