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AI Crafting Contextual Questions for Borrower

Our AI enhances lending with customised questions, pinpointing key indicators for risk assessment, enabling smarter decisions.

How does it work?

Step 1: Analyze profile and finacials

AbleAI extracts and analyzes relevant data from the borrower profile and financials

Step 2: Generate personalized questions

The system generates simple questions based on the financials, industry and other customer dependencies.

Step 3: Analyse reponses

Finally, the Customer responses to these questions are analyzed and integrated into the CAM, providing a more comprehensive view for the lenders.

Understand the patterns that need explanation

Our AI detects any recurring patterns in financial behavior that may need clarification. Whether it's unusual spending habits, inconsistent income sources, or irregular payment patterns, our AI flags these patterns for further investigation.

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Checks for sudden changes in credit behaviour

Our AI keeps an eye out for sudden changes in how people handle credit. It notices and generates relevant questions for you to ask. This helps us spot potential problems early and make sure everyone stays financially safe.

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Discover counterparty risk

Our AI identifies over reliance on a few customers and how it could impact the customers financial stability. By uncovering this reliance, we ensure smarter lending decisions and protect against potential financial vulnerabilities

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Features Designed to Give You the AI EDGE

List of Features

Conduct Cashflow Analysis

Go beyond Credit Scores. Discover worthy borrowers.

Cashflow Analysis

Discover Quality of Revenue

Uncover true business potential by studying counterparties.

Top Counterparties

Automate Personal Discussions

Assist your credit team to get deep into the lives of borrowers.

AI Driven PD

Personalise Loan Terms

Ensure that customers get loan terms that suite them.

Personalise Terms

Analyse Collateral Documents

Make secured lending faster and more robust.

Manage Collateral Risk

Study Industry & Market Trends

Benchmark each loan case against the right industry data.

Industry Benchmarks

Automate Rules and Deviations

Get the AI to run your busines rule engine, and generate deviations.

Credit Automation

Frequently asked questions

How will AbleCredit increase a Lender's market share?

AbleCredit is designed to deliver human-expert like reports, using multiple data sources, within minutes. You can underwrite a lot more loans, and have the credit team focus on customers a lot more.

Can you explain the pricing model?

Able is priced on a per loan case basis. As an enterprise focused product, we have a very flexible pricing. The exact price depends on the number of data sources and the volume of loan applications getting processed per year.

Is AbleCredit deployed in any of the large banks or NBFCs?

AbleCredit is in a pilot stage with 10+ large scale NBFCs and banks. Given the complexity of our space, the AI is getting better everyday at analysing like humans, and in some cases, even better.

Embrace AI that is Revolutionising Credit

Start a quick pilot with AbleCredit to see the power of AI. Take your Credit Practice to a stage of unforeseen efficiency, and almost magical competitive advantage.

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