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Safely Deploy Able AI in Enterprise

The only AI system that is designed to be compliant with RBI Policies.

Research: Safe AI with Human Overrides for Enterprises

Safe AI with Human Overrides

Not fully convinced with a specific analysis? Overrule it and operate the old way.

Meet Credit Compliance Requirements

Generate comprehensive notes and commentaries behind every decision.

Customise to Your Policies

Feed your Credit Policy to Able AI to customise the process.

Research: AI for Enterprise

Built for business, AbleCredit's AI prioritizes enterprise needs.  Our research tackles access controls, data security, and manual overrides, giving you total control. Empower your workforce and optimize operations – all within your security framework.

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Customise Data Policy

AbleCredit's custom data policy acts like a digital guardrail for your enterprise. It lets you define what data is stored, who can access it, and for how long. This empowers you to comply with regulations, minimize risk, and maintain control over your valuable information.

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Compliance Ready

AbleCredit is the only AI system that is designed to fully comply with the lending guidelines. Host it locally, control data flow, and generate explanations for each decision.

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Frequently asked questions

How will AbleCredit increase a Lender's market share?

AbleCredit is designed to deliver human-expert like reports, using multiple data sources, within minutes. You can underwrite a lot more loans, and have the credit team focus on customers a lot more.

Can you explain the pricing model?

Able is priced on a per loan case basis. As an enterprise focused product, we have a very flexible pricing. The exact price depends on the number of data sources and the volume of loan applications getting processed per year.

Is AbleCredit deployed in any of the large banks or NBFCs?

AbleCredit is in a pilot stage with 10+ large scale NBFCs and banks. Given the complexity of our space, the AI is getting better everyday at analysing like humans, and in some cases, even better.

Embrace AI that is Revolutionising Credit

Start a quick pilot with AbleCredit to see the power of AI. Take your Credit Practice to a stage of unforeseen efficiency, and almost magical competitive advantage.

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