Transform Your Lending Approach with AI in Invoice Discounting

AbleCredit has been trained for over 1000 hours on Financial Data to be able to understand Credit Policies, Audited Financials and like.

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Safe, Robust AI

We offer a variety of interesting features that you can help increase your productivity at work and manage your project easily

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Compliant with your Data Policy

Set up your own Data Storage policy and auto-delete everything

Manual Override When Needed

Credit Team can override AbleAI's decisions whenever needed.

On Premise, On Network

Able can be set up on your network or within your premise

Onboard Anchors with Accurate Credit Limits

Set accurate credit limits for anchors and ensure low risk of default.

Predictive Analytics

Analyze historical discounting data and industry trends to predict the likelihood of future payment defaults by the anchor.

Dynamic Credit Limit Adjustments

Monitor the anchor's financial performance and adjust credit limits in real-time based on any changes.

Validate Invoices and Process

Disburse cash quickly by validate invoices and credit limits instantly.

Intelligent Data Extraction

Extract key information from invoices, regardless of format or layout.

Real-Time Validation

Compare extracted data against purchase orders, contracts, inventory data in real-time, and highlight discrepancies.

Set Vendor Credit Limits

Set credit limits for a large number of vendors in a single shot.

Automated Analysis in One Shot

Analyse vast amounts of vendor data, including payment history, financial health indicators, and industry trends, all automatically.

AI Predicts Future Payment Behavior

Go beyond historical data to predict a vendor's likelihood of exceeding credit limits or experiencing delays.

Features Designed to Give You the AI EDGE

List of Features

Conduct Cashflow Analysis

Go beyond Credit Scores. Discover worthy borrowers.

Cashflow Analysis

Discover Quality of Revenue

Uncover true business potential by studying counterparties.

Top Counterparties

Automate Personal Discussions

Assist your credit team to get deep into the lives of borrowers.

AI Driven PD

Personalise Loan Terms

Ensure that customers get loan terms that suite them.

Personalise Terms

Analyse Collateral Documents

Make secured lending faster and more robust.

Manage Collateral Risk

Study Industry & Market Trends

Benchmark each loan case against the right industry data.

Industry Benchmarks

Automate Rules and Deviations

Get the AI to run your busines rule engine, and generate deviations.

Credit Automation

Tailored for diverse applications.

Fast, Safe Underwriting

Get AI to conduct deep analysis on each loan case - to the extent which is impossible for humans due to the time constraints.

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Ensure Lead Quality

Get AI to study the loan application, generate deep insights, and create a strong case before passing the lead onto the Credit Team.

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Portfolio Insights

Optimise funds, assess markets and achieve the right balance between high return loans and low risk loans.

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Revolutionize Your Credit Organization